How To Start A Blog

Maybe The Millennial Man has inspired you, or maybe (and more likely) you think this site is trash and that you could do better. Either way, you’re looking to start a blog. You have interests and big ideas and all you need now is a platform to help share them with the world. Well, I think that’s awesome.

In fact, three years ago I was in the same boat. But instead of launching the site, I procrastinated because the thought of web code and HTML and SEO paralyzed my frail and easily deterred millennial brain.

Now, however, not a day goes by where I don’t wish I had done this sooner. And I would have had I had this guide. Here are the steps to launching your site in less than 30 minutes. Difficulty level: insanely easy. No coding required.

The 3 Steps to Blog Launching:

  1. Domain name and web host
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Select your theme

1. Domain name and web host

Your domain name is your web address. When a visitor enters this address in a browser he arrives at your site, which is a collection of web files displayed as web pages. To store these files online, and to ensure visitors see your site when they visit your address, you need a web host. A host maintains your site files on a server, and much like rent for a physical business, you pay for the space.

Bluehost is perfect for new blogs and the host I used for my first site (may God rest its soul). Bluehost is reliable, upgradable when your traffic increases, and offers a FREE domain name with purchase of a hosting plan! Shit yes!

Also, installation is simple. But here’s a foolproof guide anyway.

1.) Navigate to Bluehost.

2.) Select your plan (basic is fine for starters).

How to Start a Blog


3.) Create and enter your domain name. Click next.

How to Start a Blog


4). Enter your information.


5.) Select your payment plan.

How to Start a Blog

6.) Enter billing info, confirm you have read the terms of service, and click SUBMIT.

How To Start A Blog

2. Install WordPress

Once you have a Bluehost account, it’s time to install WordPress. WordPress is the biggest website creation tool in the world. Even more impressive, it’s 100% free. This software allows users to create websites through an easy to use interface and without having to dirty your hands with filthy web code.

Again, installation is easy. Start by logging into Bluehost. Then follow their simple step by step guide.

Once your install is complete, write down your credentials. You are now able to log in to your blog!

3. Select a theme

WordPress gives your site a backbone. Now it’s time to add some flair. Enter the WordPress theme—a customizable template responsible for your site’s style, layout, fonts, etc.

There are literally millions of theme options, including both FREE and premium themes. The Millennial Man is built on the Genesis framework—a premium theme from StudioPress.

The decision to go with Studio Press was not an easy one. But after months of research, we discovered that there was no better combination of reliability, simplicity, value, and attractive design. For less than $100 you get a site that is:

  • Mobile responsive (scales to fit both desktops and phones)
  • Search engine optimized (built to rank well in Google)
  • Fully supported
  • Secure
  • Super easy to use and customize

To browse StudioPress themes click here. If you find one you like, it can be yours in less than 15 minutes.

That’s it! With your theme installed, it’s time it’s time to start producing pipin’ hot content. Congratulations!




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Also note: I have used or am using every product linked on this page and would recommend them even to my own mother.